Workplace Digital Signage

Automate information and visualize data to your employees using Workplace Digital Signage from Valotalive.

Workplace Digital Signage by Valotalive

Valotalive is a Workplace Digital Signage Platform. The platform access different data sources to automate and visualise information on info screens & beyond in your workplace. Engaging employees is the foundation for success in all businesses. To drive employee engagement companies need to communicate “what we are doing right now” and “what is relevant at this moment” based on real-time data. All this data already exists in your different IT solutions, Valotolive help to make this information available on info screens in your workplace, so that relevant information is presented to the right people.


  • Makes data transparent
  • Automates digital signage content management & publishing
  • Offers a True SaaS platform with Pay as You Go pricing model

Empower employees with data

“The real time and transparent KPIs guides our operation into a positive direction. The biggest benefit in these visualized indicators has been that the company key targets are made visible to everyone.

Reliability of data and the impact of reporting on work and performance has gained a new meaning.”

Jatta Pakkanen, Communication Officer, Neste

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